Members play a crucial role in the work that we do. The more voices we have with us, the greater attention we can garner from legislators. Members also provide us with the essential knowledge of what is needed most in their communities so that we can cater our services to meet those demands. Members not only help us further our efforts, but they also receive benefits such as newsletters, opportunities to attend trainings and networking events, voting rights, and the chance to get involved with our caucuses, allied groups and networks.

Trainings- September 2012

September 12 (webinar, 1:00 pm CT) Recruiting, Hiring and Training Preventionists, hosted by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center September 20-21 in Austin, TX Texas Nonprofit Summit ~ Inspiring Allies and Impact, presented by Greenlights and the OneStar Foundation October 16 (webinar, 2:00-3:30 pm CT) Advocacy ~ A Force for Change, hosted by the Battered Women's Justice Project. October 24 in Austin, TX The Texas Conference for Women, hosted by Texas First Lady Anita Perry October 24 (audio conference, 2:00-3:15 pm CT) Assessing for Racial Disparity in Your Community's Response to Domestic Violence, hosted by Praxis International. Registration is limited to OVW grantees. November 28 (audio conference, 2:00-3:15 pm CT) Community ... Read More »

To Our Members- August 2012

Dear Members, Many of you know but some outside our work might be surprised to learn that half the clients we serve in Texas domestic violence programs are children. Many of the children have experienced serious violations of their trust and their confidence. The impact of domestic violence can have long- lasting effects on the children and the battered parent, ranging from physical to psychological. For some children, the violence impacts their behavior and many times their educational goals. In this issue we highlight Back to School. August is a time when children and their parents start preparing for back to ... Read More »

Program Updates- August 2012

Program Updates: In this issue, we place emphasis on back to school efforts, while we highlight three family violence programs hosting back-to-school drives these efforts are mirrored across the state. We also include important TCFV updates and information, ways you can help with back-to school, and resources on the effects of family violence on children. The Family Place, Dallas, TX Back-to-School Drive. As the back-to-school shopping season begins, The Family Place is asking folks to keep in mind the families who do not have the resources to shop for the school supplies on their list. The Family Place requests cash donations or donations of ... Read More »

TCFV Updates- August 2012

TCFV Updates: Region 3 Membership Meeting The Region 3 Membership Meeting was held on June 25 at Noah Project in Abilene.  The meeting was co-hosted by Glenn Stockard, executive director of the Eastland County Crisis Center in Eastland and TCFV board area director, and Leigh Ann Fry, executive director of the Noah Project, in Abilene. Barbie Brashear, executive director of the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council in Houston, trained attendees on working with survivors with mental health issues.  Cassie Drochelman, TCFV membership coordinator presented information on how to plan and coordinate with other agencies for Domestic Violence Awareness Month resources and ... Read More »

Get Involved- August 2012

Individual Members: Get Involved! BACK-TO-SCHOOL DRIVES:  A great way to support your local shelter and family violence agency is by donating school supplies.   Visit our online service directory  to find the family violence program in your community and give them a call to see if they are accepting back-to-school donations.    Read More »

Resources- August 2012

Resources on Domestic Violence and Its Effect on Children For Parents: ·        Helping Children Who Witness Domestic Violence: A Guide for Parents (Instructor's Manual), Minnesota Center       Against Violence and Abuse Domestic Violence Can Affect Your Child at School, Parent’s PLACE For Teachers: Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: A Teacher’s Handbook to Increase Understanding and Improve Community Responses, Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System       Woman Abuse Affects our Children:  An Educator's Guide, Centre for Children and  Families in the Justice System For Advocates: Domestic Violence and the Child Welfare System, Child Welfare Information Gateway Resource List on Domestic Violence and Children, Centre for ... Read More »

Upcoming Trainings- August 2012

Upcoming trainings: August 13-16 in Dallas, TX 24th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference, hosted by the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center and the Dallas Police Department. August 14 (webinar, 10:00 am CT) Eighth in a series of eight: One in the Movement: Essential Practices for Advocates in Training – The Basics of Immigration Advocacy, hosted by the Texas Council on Family Violence August 14 (webinar, 1:00 pm CT) Core Competencies and Abilities of Preventionists, hosted by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center August 22 (audio conference, 2:00-3:15 pm CT) Organizing and Facilitating Team Meetings, hosted by Praxis International.Note: Registration is limited to OVW grantees August 23 (webinar, 10:00-11:00 am ... Read More »

To our members- July 2012

Dear Members, July is the month we celebrate the Fourth of July as well as summer being in full swing. Did you know that July is also Disability Awareness Month? Over the last 20 years, significant changes have been made that benefit people with disabilities: dismantling physical barriers, including widened doors, adding sidewalk curb cuts and making transportation accessible. Many of these changes resulted from the Americans with Disabilities Act. The People First Movement has also been instrumental in changing societal attitudes toward people with disabilities. While positive changes are being made, people with disabilities continue to fight for their rights. Violence ... Read More »

Program Updates- July 2012

In this issue, we highlight a unique shelter project, the opening of a new shelter and a successful training, as well as TCFV and national updates and resources related to Disability Awareness Month. The Salvation Army Family Violence Program, Dallas Research shows that gardening can be calming and even therapeutic. In this spirit, the Salvation Army Family Violence Project in Dallas has created a community garden. They started with a preliminary flower and herb garden that goes around the perimeter of the shelter’s backyard. It is a partnership with the Master Gardeners, a group of professionals with the Dallas County Extension Program. ... Read More »

TCFV Updates- July 2012

Economic Justice Summit The TCFV National Economic Justice Summit was held on June 14-15 in El Paso. The Summit showcased economic initiatives that help victims of domestic violence create long-term solutions to achieve economic freedom and succeed beyond staying in the shelter. The question that many women and some men struggle to answer is whether they can afford to flee a violent relationship. Statistics show that victims of domestic violence account for a significant proportion of those in emergency shelter in Texas and for a sizeable number of the “hidden homeless.” “The Center Against Family Violence appreciates the opportunity to team with the ... Read More »

Get Involved! July 2012

Individual Members: Get Involved!  Allies to Survivors with Disabilities (ASD) Allies to Survivors with Disabilities (ASD) is one of the TCFV Caucuses and Allies Networks (CANs) with members around the state. Our mission is to improve access and availability and assure quality services for survivors with disabilities. We hope to continue raising awareness within the family violence community of services needed by survivors with a wide range of disabilities and survivors who are deaf. Many survivors do not receive services due to barriers, such as a lack of funding for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters or physical accessibility assistance. Agencies may not be ... Read More »

Resources- July 2012

Resources for Disability Awareness Month:  Learn how to make sensitive language choices. Click here. View the Domestic Violence and People with Disabilities brochure from the North Carolina Coalition on Domestic Violence. Click here. Request free informational fact sheets developed by SafePlace. Click here. Find out more about Disability Services at SafePlace. Click here. View Serving Survivors with Disabilities from the Equal Rights Center. Click here. Read Accessibility and Responsiveness for Survivors with Disabilities from NCADSV. Click here. View Intimate and Caregiver Violence Against Women with Disabilities, from the Battered Women’s Justice Project. Click here. Read More »

Upcoming Trainings- July 2012

Upcoming trainings: July 19 in Dallas, TX (conference) Effective Work with Batterers, hosted by the Family Place July 26 (audio conference, 12:00-1:30 pm CT) A Professional's Guide to Forensic Social Work and the Courts, sponsored by Lorman Education Services July 31 (webinar, 10:00-11:30 am CT) Overview of International Human Trafficking, hosted by the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault July 31 (web conference, 1:00 pm CT) Connect for Success – How Can We Help? Developing Shared Goals for Diverse Community Priorities, hosted by PreventConnect August 14 (webinar, 10:00 am CT) Eighth in a series of eight: One in the Movement: Essential Practices for Advocates in Training – The Basics of Immigration ... Read More »

To Our Members- June 2012

This June many of you celebrated Father’s Day, but for many battered women Father’s Day is usually a day of celebration and mixed emotions about the parenting role the men in their lives take with their children. Many men who batter have some level of contact with their children. Battered women want these men to be more nurturing fathers as well as supportive parenting partners. For the safety of battered women and the benefit of children who are having contact with their fathers, it is critical for interveners to work with abusive men in their role as fathers. Many communities send ... Read More »

Program Updates- June 2012

In this issue, we honor men in the movement and highlight a fundraiser benefiting a Texas family violence program, a family violence program’s exciting award, several TCFV updates, and resources on family violence in the LGBT Community. Men in the Movement This month, TCFV honor fathers and all positive male role models in our lives and celebrates fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. TCFV celebrates the men in the movement that help create change in the lives of women, children and families. For a list of 45 men who have dedicated 11 years or more to creating safer families ... Read More »

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