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Hotline and Intake Advocate – Round Rock, TX

Hope Alliance Crisis Center

Hotline and Intake Advocate

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Assist those affected by family and sexual violence by answering the hotline, conducting intake sessions, and accompanying survivors to hospital and court.  


  • Clients are assisted by a culturally competent, specially-trained, State-certified victim advocate.
  • Clients’ understanding of family and sexual violence dynamics are enhanced.
  • Clients are more aware of their rights as crime victims, and the options and resources available to them.


  • Maintain communication with others and work to fulfill the agency’s needs, priorities and objectives.
  • Utilize the specialized knowledge and skills acquired through the required certification training and annual continuing education to provide individualized services.
  • Provide crisis management, advocacy and case management services in-person and on the hotline. Meet with clients in Hope Alliance office, shelter, hospital, police station, and other locations as needed.
  • Actively seek out and liaison with relevant community agencies and resources in order to create a continuum of services that elevates the best interest of agency clients.
  • Informally assess the emotional, physical, social, and educational needs of clients.
  • Autonomously determine appropriate schedule and content for each client meeting, taking into consideration agency policies and procedures, unique client needs and best practices.
  • Formulate individualized service plans and weekly goals, incorporating certification knowledge and skills as well as best practices.
  • Facilitate social skills and other support groups for children living in the shelter or housing programs.
  • Develop and oversee the provision of all educational services to child victims. Services include needs assessments, curriculum and material maintenance, tutoring, and case management.
  • Work with other agencies, including local school personnel, in order to enhance the overall well-being and educational experience of child victims.
  • Manage and maintain the supplies, play and computer equipment used in the Children’s Program.
  • Collect, maintain, and distribute to staff information on working with and resources for child survivors.
  • Act as a positive role model for parent-child interactions, modeling positive discipline using rewards and non-physical consequences.
  • Assist with recruitment, training, and supervising of volunteers and interns.
  • Report any incident of child or elder abuse to the Department of Family and Protective Services and appropriate Hope Alliance staff.
  • Cover monthly on-call rotation, responding to family and sexual violence victims at the hospital.
  • Assist with community education efforts, and other duties as assigned by Chief Executive Officer.
  • Facilitate support group and other meetings as needed.
  • Attend regularly scheduled staff and team meetings.
  • Understand, accept and respect agency philosophy, mission and values.
  • Assist with the collection and maintenance of client data for statistical and programming purposes.
  • Cover on-call rotation, responding to family and sexual violence victims at the hospital.
  • Report any incident of child or elder abuse to the Department of Public and Regulatory Services and appropriate WCCC staff.


  • Must be able to successfully complete the agency-provided State Certification Training within 90 days of hire.
  • Must maintain State certification by documenting annually: six hours of continuing education, the provision of 100 hours of direct services at minimum and the successful completion of a written exam and skills assessment designed to evaluate the special knowledge and skills required for continued certification.
  • Bachelor’s degree in child development, psychology, social work or related field. – Experience and Certification may be substituted.
  • Two years experience in a social service agency, preferably dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence issues.
  • Ability to maintain and respect confidentiality.
  • Experience in independent job structuring and self-directing the work.
  • Experience and ability to respond in a supportive way to persons in crisis situations.
  • Knowledge of domestic violence dynamics, sexual assault issues and child development.
  • Familiarity with the network of social services in the greater Austin area.
  • Ability to work as a team member, providing support as well as constructive feedback in interpersonal interactions.
  • Sensitivity to various cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds, values, attitudes, and languages.
  • Adequate personal health, social maturity, and emotional stability to fulfill the functions of the position.
  • Experience in independent job structuring.
  • Effective stress coping skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to relate to other agencies and departments, including law enforcement, as well as to supervise and support staff and volunteers.
  • Ability to stoop, bend and lift 25 pounds.
  • Computer proficiency in email and productivity software products.

Resumes should be CUT AND PASTED WITH JOB TITLE into an email and sent to Julie.Goble@hopealliancetx.org.