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It is the mission of the Statewide Legal Advocacy Network to communicate resources, skills and ideas among legal advocates serving survivors of family violence to help:

  • Promote the safety of persons affected by domestic violence;
  • Hold abusers accountable;
  • Encourage the sensitive and thorough response of agents in the justice system; and
  • Diligently work for positive change at all levels of government.

Each program in Texas that is funded through the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is required to designate a legal advocate. A legal advocate is not an attorney but can provide legal resources and information to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault without giving advice.

This directory was created to provide ease and information to both survivors of domestic violence and advocates. Much like TCFV’s Service Directory, you will be able to search by county, program name, or city. You will also be able to scroll over the county that you are looking for services in.

In addition to the phone directory, a PDF directory is available as well. This resource provides the lay advocate and survivors with basic information on what legal advocacy is and what the legal advocacy network does. Please feel free to share this document. As new information is released, we will be updating this resource.

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