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glowstick.jpgThe TCFV press release, media alert, editorial opinion (op/ed) piece and domestic violence awareness month proclamation listed below are offered only as examples. Programs and individuals wishing to use these documents should utilize them as guides when developing their respective media outreach tools. Because the TCFV Communications Staff has developed these documents to support the media outreach endeavors of programs, all are encouraged to make use of them as they deem appropriate.

Public Awareness Materials

All PDF files were produced with the High Quality Distiller setting, and are press ready for reproduction in magazines, newspaper, etc.

Program Resources

Domestic Violence Wheels


These wheels have either been developed by or adapted from the power and control wheel and the equality wheel. For further information or copyright requests, please contact:
National Training Project
Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
202 East Superior Street, Duluth, MN, 55802,218-722-2781

A BIPP Facilitator Training Video and Guide

“In the Moment” is a training video + 90-page discussion guide for BIPP facilitators which consists of 13 role-played scenarios that commonly arise in a battering intervention groups. Each scenario is followed by a roundtable discussion among four experienced facilitators sharing commentary on how they have handled similar situations. A companion discussion guide corresponds with each scenario, helping the viewer to think through the various factors involved in leading a BIPP group. (note: the clip above shows both the english and spanish versions in one clip. They are distributed separately). 

Cost: $45.00 +tax (includes shipping and handling)
TOTAL: $48.17

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Circle of Accountability

“Circle of Accountability” is a 17 minute video about the law enforcement and criminal justice response to the crimes of family violence. Also featured are men who have been violent to women and have changed their behaviors and attitudes with the help of intervention programs.
“Circle of Accountability” was awarded a Bronze Medal by the Houston International Video Festival in 2002. The video was dubbed into Spanish in December, 2001.

Cost: $25.00 +tax (includes shipping and handling)
TOTAL: $26.86

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I Had a Friend Named Hope

Many of us have clients, coworkers, neighbors, friends or even family members who are or have been victims of family violence. Most people want to get involved, but aren’t sure how to help. If you are charged with the challenge of educating your community, this 28-minute video is a must have. The video focuses on women who work in a rural clinic and are touched by a client who needs to escape an abusive husband. The video describes:

  • The nature of violent relationships between intimate partners
  • How to recognize the signs of domestic abuse
  • Why it is dangerous for women to “just leave”
  • How to be truly helpful when a client, friend, family member or neighbor is in danger

Cost: $25.00 +tax (includes shipping and handling)
TOTAL: $26.86 

Domestic Violence is a Workplace Issue Kit

Included in “Domestic Violence is a Workplace Issue” kit This 25-minute video, aimed at managers, supervisors, team leaders and other organizational leaders, helps build awareness about family violence and its financial, emotional and medical costs to an organizations.The video emphasizes the importance of corporations adopting policies to confront the effects of family violence on the workplace. The video demonstrates what happens when a business with no domestic violence procedures or guidelines is confronted with a domestic violence situation. It closes with suggested actions that employers can take to deal with the issue.

Also included in the kit is a manual that guides you in effectively intervening when an employee is experiencing family violence; educating corporate leadership about the financial, emotional and medical costs of family violence in your workplace; creating a multi-department task force; and designing an organizational action plan to combat the effects of family violence in your workplace.

Cost: $35 for TCFV members
$60 for nonprofit organizations
$95 for for-profit organizations/businesses

Un Nuevo Amanecer – New Dawn

TCFV created this Spanish-language video especially for the Latina/Latino population. The video portrays the life of a Latina and her experience with domestic violence in her everyday life (in dealing with family, friends, work and other systems). The 25-minute video was made for public education, support groups, and outreach and training. Production of this video was made possible by the Texas Department of Human Services in cooperation with TCFV’s Latina Task Force, Voces Unidas.

Cost: $25.00 +tax (includes shipping and handling)
TOTAL: $26.86

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