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As a membership organization, TCFV is here to serve you! Learn more about your membership benefits below. Login to your TCFV account to:

  • Register for events
  • Renew your membership
  • Find webinar discount codes
  • Exclusive organizational member benefits
  • Update your contact information

If you are an employee of a family violence agency, please be aware that your individual account is separate from your organizational account, but don’t worry: you still qualify for member benefits!

Member Login

Member Resources

Log in to your organizational account with TCFV to access more exclusive organizational members-only resources, including fiscal resources, sample policies and job descriptions, and discount codes for TCFV webinars and online modules.

If you are both an organizational and individual member, please be aware that you will use two different accounts for your two types of membership. An easy way to see whether you are logged into your individual account or organizational account is to select “My Membership” from the dropdown menu to view your membership history. Questions? Email Danielle Ohlemacher, Membership Manager.

Customized Trainings

TCFV offers customized trainings and consultations to meet the needs of your program. Members always have priority access to expert support services including customizable trainings, consultations and technical assistance. Learn more about customized trainings or contact Rita Flores at rflores@tcfv.org.

Vision & Dental Benefits

Category I and II Family Violence Program member benefits include access to the national dental and vision plans offered through the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV).  Although each agency stands alone for enrollment purposes, all family violence agencies across the United States are pooled for national discount rating. Contact Mikisha Hooper at mhooper@tcfv.org or sign in to your organizational account and visit the member-only resources for more information.

Language Line

One of the benefits for Category I and II members of TCFV is access to a telephonic language interpretation service provider with no set-up fee. Joining allows you to benefit from a negotiated contract with low rates. All minutes used by Texas programs are combined to determine the rate, so you get the benefit of a lower rate that would normally only be afforded to high volume clients. Currently, our members receive a rate around $1.15 per minute, and our member programs that use language interpretation services regularly report that this lower rate has significantly reduced their budget needs.

Exclusive Resources

Login to your organizational account to access TCFV’s complimentary resources for members, including:

  • Nuts & Bolts of Bookkeeping Toolkit
  • Family Violence Program Compensation Survey
  • Creating Safer Spaces: Survivor Intake and Case File Resource Package
  • Osnium Database Resources
  • Sample organizational policies and job descriptions

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Organizational member benefits include unlimited posting privileges for your agency’s employment openings and events on TCFV website.

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TCFV offers a framework for individual members and advocates to work with others in Texas to network and address issues facing victims of family violence, their children and Texas family violence programs. Each TCFV Community Action Network is formed by its own will and adopts its own process for choosing leadership, making decisions, identifying work and establishing criteria for membership in a manner consistent with TCFV mission and philosophy. TCFV currently has seven CANs:

If you do not see a CAN that meets your needs, consider starting a new CAN. TCFV Community Action Networks exist to ensure that TCFV remains accountable to persons affected or impacted by domestic violence, to provide opportunities for their involvement in TCFV and the movement to end domestic violence in Texas, and to create social change.

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