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Starting a New CAN

To become an officially recognized TCFV Caucus, Ally Group or Network, a group must complete the approval process outlined below. TCFV will provide proposal information and technical assistance to developing Caucuses, Ally Groups and Networks upon request. For assistance, contact TCFV’s membership staff at 800-525-1978 or membershipmatters@tcfv.org.

1. Complete a written proposal including:

  • What type of group (Caucus, Ally Group, or Network) is being proposed;
  • The mission of the Caucus, Ally Group or Network;
  • The goals of the Caucus, Ally Group or Network; d. How the Caucus, Ally Group or Network will operate, including the process for choosing leadership, making decisions, identifying work and establishing criteria for membership;
  • List of leadership and their contact information;
  • Number of Caucus, Ally Group or Network members; and
  • Proposed work plan, including activities, budget, and level of TCFV staff and technological support needed.

2. Submit written proposal to TCFV Membership (email to membershipmatters@tcfv.org, fax to 512-685-6397 or mail to PO Box 163865, Austin, Texas 78716).

3. Caucuses, Ally Groups, and Networks Committee (CAN Committee) will review the proposal at its next regularly scheduled meeting. In addition, a developing Caucus, Ally Group or Network may choose to present their proposal in person or via conference call. Additional information may be requested.

4. The CAN Committee will make a recommendation to the TCFV Board of Directors regarding the proposal.

5. A group is recognized as an official TCFV Caucus, Ally Group or Network upon affirmative vote of the TCFV Board of Directors.