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Facts and Statistics


  • Women Killed: 132
  • Family Violence Incidents: 185,817
  • Adults and Children Sheltered: 23,311
  • Adults and Children receiving nonresidential services (i.e., counseling, legal advocacy, etc.): 61,119
  • Adults denied shelter (due to lack of space): 39%
  • Unmet Requests for Shelter: 14,801
  • Hotline calls answered: 185,373


  • Women Killed: 119
  • Family violence incidents: 185,453
  • Adults and Children Sheltered: 25,392
  • Adults and Children receiving nonresidential services (i.e., counseling, legal advocacy, etc.): 49,758
  • Adults denied shelter (due to lack of space): 31%
  • Unmet Requests for Shelter: 11,408
  • Hotline calls answered: 183,836

Download At a Glance: Texas Family Violence Facts and Statistics or view 2010-2012 Facts and Statistics

Information provided by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, The Texas Council on Family Violence, and the Texas Department of Public Safety.


The Texas Department of Public Safety provides statistics on family violence incidents throughout the state, and by county and law enforcement agency. Conducted annually since 1999, the 2014 report provides statistics capturing the relationship between the victim and offender, victim and offender demographics, number of officer assaults, type of offense and injury, and if weapons were used.

The Texas Council on Family Violence conducts a fatality review of the women killed as a result of domestic violence in Texas. The annual Honoring Texas Victims report pays tribute to the Texas women who lost their lives by memorializing their story with an account of their death.  The report provides statistics on demographics of the victims, their relationship to the perpetrator, cause of death, related victims – including children, and more.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH) and the National Dating Abuse Hotline (NDAH), Love is Respect releases semiannual reports detailing the number of calls received, the most commonly requested services, type of abuse experienced, and location of caller. National and Texas statistics are available at the links below.

The Center for Disease Control’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) is an ongoing, nationally-representative telephone survey that collects detailed information on sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence victimization of adult women and men in the United States. The survey collects data on past-year experiences of violence as well as lifetime experiences of violence. National and statewide statistics are available (2011).

The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) conducts an annual Census is to capture the count of adults and children who seek services from U.S. domestic violence shelter programs during a single 24-hour survey period. Conducted annually by NNEDV since 2006, this Census takes into account the dangerous nature of domestic violence by using a survey designed to protect the confidentiality and safety of victims. National and statewide statistics are available.

The Mary Kay Foundation’s Truth About Abuse Survey reveals a vivid story about the staggering national trends of how the economy continues to affect survivors of domestic violence since September 2008, a major turning point in the economy. This annual survey takes an in-depth look at domestic violence through the perspective of executive directors at women’s shelters across the country.

Please visit the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence website to access additional statistics and reports.