Engaging Men and Boys

The Men’s Nonviolence Project (MNP) seeks to encourage men to take an active role in ending men’s violence against women. MNP provides information, resources, and connections to inspire and support the involvement of men and boys in preventing domestic violence and promoting healthy communities.

Guide to Engaging Men and Boys in Preventing Violence Against Women & Girls

The Men’s Non Violence Project under the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) has created a guide to engage men and boys in prevention programs. Working with men and boys is not a new idea in Texas nonviolence activist work. For decades men and boys have engaged through Batterer Intervention and Prevention Programs and nonviolence programs. Non-violence is now taking one additional step and getting communities across the state to work on creating long-term, transformative prevention efforts by focusing on gender socialization and how it contributes to gender-based violence.

Violence prevention requires a change in the social conditions that impact the community which make violence normal and acceptable. TCFV is hopeful this guide will help communities engage men and boys in prevention programs that create lasting change.

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