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  • Trusted experts – since 1978, TCFV has been regarded as the statewide think tank and training entity for family violence programs. Our trainers are experts in their fields and committed to providing up-to-date information about best practices while unifying Texas advocates in the movement.
  • Diverse topics – we cover a wide variety of family violence issues and intersecting systems, including civil and criminal justice, child support and welfare, economic and workforce organizations, healthcare and the general public.
  • In your city and at your fingertips – we host 10-12 statewide events, 20+ local training sessions in every part of the state, more than 80 customized consultations, and dozens of online webinars each year. Can’t make it to a live training? Our vast library of recorded webinars means there’s a training that works for you, no matter your schedule or location.

Upcoming Events

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Training Events

Training Events:

BIPP Educational Series

The BIPP Educational Series is a combination of in–person, live webinars, and self-paced online training opportunities for battering intervention facilitators. For more information, contact  Samantha Foss.


One in the Movement

One in the Movement is a combination of in–person and web–based trainings for family violence advocates. These complimentary trainings provide new and seasoned advocates opportunities to develop and enhance their foundational knowledge on family violence systems currently in place, and is especially well–suited for executives who are new to the movement. For more information, contact Roy Rios.


Prevention Intensive

This two-day training prepares prevention workers, managers, and community educators with foundational prevention theory along with skills for facilitating prevention education sessions. TCFV’s prevention team builds a learning environment where participants will also celebrate successes and strategize around shared challenges. Contact Maria Limon for questions.



Regional Membership Meetings

These meetings are designed to facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration among regional partners to enhance domestic violence service provision. This is also a great opportunity to develop relationships within the region and network with community partners. Learn more about Regional Membership Meetings.



Executive Directors’ Conference: Directing the Work
February 12 – 13, 2018: San Antonio, TX

This annual conference serves to connect, inspire, and rejuvenate Texas leaders by providing a forum to share ideas that collectively strengthen our life–changing services. TCFV once again partnered with the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault to host the 2016 conference. For more information, contact Rita Flores.


BIPP Conference: Tools for Transformation
April 26 – 27, 2018: Georgetown, TX

Tools for Transformation is an opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and develop new skills to meet the growing challenges of operating battering intervention programs and developing community accountability and collaboration for addressing family violence offenders. For more information, contact Claire Sudolsky.


Prevention Conference: Texas Prevention Summit

This biannual prevention conference hosted by TAASA and TCFV brings together preventioneers from across the state to enhance their prevention strategies and foster long–term change. For more information, contact Prevention.


Capitol Day
February 2020: Austin, TX

Each legislative session, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and the Texas Council on Family Violence partner to host Capitol Day. For more information contact Esmeralda Flores.


#Tech2Empower: TCFV Statewide Conference

The TCFV’s Statewide Conference gathers leaders, advocates and allies to exchange ideas, discover fresh techniques and unite the many diverse faces of the Texas movement to end violence against women. For more information, contact Maria Jose Angelelli.


Upcoming Webinars

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On Demand Webinars

Domestic Violence Curriculum Tool Kit for Child Custody Mediators
TCFV ‘s Domestic Violence Curriculum Tool Kit for Child Custody Mediators that will be available December 15. The tool kit will be four one hour webinar modules and supplemental materials on the four core components of this training: Dynamics of domestic violence; Child exposure and resiliency; Intersection of DV and child custody including the Texas statutory framework; Trauma-informed, safety centered mediation practice. Until January, these four webinar modules will be accessible to anyone, free of charge. Starting in January, this content will only be available to TCFV members.

ED Series: Salesforce Application Demo
TCFV strives to make sure we are providing Texas domestic violence agencies with options when it comes to collecting and reporting your data. TCFV will continue to support the use of the Osnium database but understand that some programs may be interested in other database possibilities. To assist with identifying some possible options, we are bringing you a webinar that will provide you with a demo of Salesforce, a database that is being used by Hope’s Door/New Beginning Center. We hope that this demo will familiarize other domestic violence agencies in Texas with the powerful functions and features of this system. The IT challenges of DV agencies are not insignificant due to the rapid change of technology, complexity of agency environments, and ever changing reporting requirements. The webinar will include a live demonstration of the many built in applications such as Client Management (Counseling & Case Management), Shelter Management, Transitional Housing Management, Community Education, BIPP Management, Donor Management, Volunteer Management, Grant Management, Data Integrity Management, and Report Generation.

Meet the Plurals: How 13 to 21-year-olds Connect
Young people, aged 14-21, represent one of the most diverse generations and are referred to as ‘plurals’ rather than millennials. This webinar features Jairo Portillo Llort, a marketing strategist, who reviews the ways teens use social media.

BIPP Ed Series: Recognizing and Managing Risk Factors, Profiling Killers
Please join us for a webinar that describes innovative practices in assessing and responding to risk in batterer intervention programs. Founded in 1977, Emerge has pioneered effective and culturally relevant abuser education strategies as well as those for abusers in same-sex relationships. This webinar will describe a new protocol, developed and piloted in Massachusetts, for assessing risk of men who attend batterer intervention programs. David Adams will also discuss risk management strategies for different types of high risk clients, drawing from his clinical practice as well as his research about men who killed their intimate partners. David has led groups for abusers for over 40 years and currently coordinates two federally funded training projects; the National Risk Assessment and Management Training Project, and Recognizing Responsibility and Risk of Abusers in Court. His book, Why Do They Kill? Men Who Murder Their Intimate Partners was published by Vanderbilt University Press in 2007.
CEUs: 1.5 CJAD BIPP Hours, 1.5 SW Hours, 1.5 LPC Hours, 1.5 LMFT Hours

Wellness as a Prevention Strategy: Tools for Self-Care and Wellness for Prevention Workers
Domestic violence programs understand the important role that wellness efforts play in their support of advocacy staff. This webinar reviews wellness strategies for prevention workers whose jobs are fundamentally different from advocacy staff.

BIPP Ed Series: Engagement and Accountability in Group
Founded in 1977, Emerge has pioneered effective and culturally relevant abuser education strategies as well as those for abusers in same-sex relationships. Currently, 30% of Emerge’s clients are self-referred, and over 60% complete the 40 week program. In this workshop, the presenter will describe strategies for client recruitment as well as 12 for client retention, engagement and accountability. The latter will include a brief description of key intervention techniques used at Emerge but which can be adapted to other treatment settings. These exercises are geared to promote client accountability as well as engagement, both for the individual client as well as group members as a whole.
CEUs: 1.5 CJAD BIPP Hours, 1.5 SW Hours, 1.5 LPC Hours, 1.5 LMFT Hours

OIM: Serving Human Trafficking Survivors in a Domestic Violence Setting
As our society becomes more aware of human trafficking in our communities, the lack of services for this population can result in domestic violence providers being the only point of access for services. What are the similarities, differences, and overlap between domestic violence and trafficking survivors? This webinar will discuss current data and trends, identifying trafficking survivors and the unique opportunities and challenges of addressing this population within existing programs.

Diversity Matters, Part 2: Cultural Competency in Domestic Violence Programs
Cultural competency, or the skill of being well-versed in many different cultures, is important for those working in the community especially with domestic violence survivors. In contrast to using our own culture as a standard by which to judge other cultures, cultural relativism (a prerequisite for cultural competency) allows one to understand a culture on its own terms, including norms of relating to each other and roles within a relationship. In this webinar, we will question the cultures deeply embedded within us while at the same time seek to understand a variety of different lifestyles and family structures.

Supporting Youth Survivors: Challenging Adultism in Clinical Interventions 
When working with a young person who has experienced relationship violence, we often consider the additional barriers minors face in accessing services such as shelter, counseling, and protective orders. We may be overlooking barriers present within our own therapeutic interventions and agency practices with youth clients. Join us for an interactive webinar developed to help agency staff reflect on how best to support youth survivors. Participants will have an opportunity to assess agency and counselor readiness for providing services to youth survivors and consider strategies to counter the impact adultism can have on therapeutic relationships between adults and youth.

Diversity Matters, Part 1: Non-Profit Boards and The Communities They Serve
Board members of nonprofits and community organizations set both the goals and the direction of an organization. Board members can use their own personal experience and cultural assumptions to set these agendas. Race, social class and gender diversity can lend itself to a wide variety of experiences that can better reflect a community’s needs. In this webinar, we will discuss implications of diversity and strategies to diversify boards.

ED Webinar Series: Immigration Law for Service Providers
What does your organization do if immigration agents come to your building or facility?
All service providers should protect their clients and staff to the greatest extent possible. This webinar will address the organization’s rights and responsibilities, the current legal landscape, and the best protocols to address a potential situation.

Supporting Youth Leadership and Creativity: Adolescent Brain Development for Prevention Workers
Young people’s curiosity, creativity, and passion are by design; their brains are developmentally geared for problem-solving and experimentation. They are perfectly poised to lead prevention efforts in their communities given the right supports. This webinar features information on brain development relevant to prevention workers and community educators engaged with youth of various ages. María Limón, TCFV prevention coordinator, will focus on strategies that prevention workers can employ to heighten teens’ strengths and support their leadership and learning.

Go Purple Legislative Update
Presenter: Aaron Setliff
This webinar provides an overview and discussion of the 85th Texas legislative session’s appropriations process as well as TCFV’s policy agenda items and other family violence related bills that we supported.

We’re in this Together: Folding Prevention into our Advocacy
Our movement envisions a world where no one would dream of humiliating, hurting, dominating, or controlling the person they love. Primary prevention is at the heart of our work. From children’s advocates to development staff, we can all promote prevention messaging, and cross-team collaborations bolster our program’s prevention and community education work. Tyreena Heck and María Limón, TCFV’s prevention coordinators will present prevention strategies that can be employed agency-wide.

ReCentering Services: Understanding Rules Reduction in Shelter & Services
Interested in enhancing your ability to provide trauma-informed & survivor-centered services at your agency? Ever wondered how to approach reducing rules for services while still offering a supportive service environment? Join us for this webinar that will provide a basic overview of the rules reduction philosophy and offer tools to participants to begin examining their service environment. This session will also allow you to hear directly from two programs in Texas who have employed the approach who will share their lessons learned!

Enhanced Safety Planning with Immigrant Survivors
The Enhanced Safely Planning with Immigrant Survivors will provide advocates with information and best practices related to pressing immigration questions. Immigration legal experts will answer questions such as: What should noncitizen survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault do if they come into contact with local or state law enforcement? What should they do if they come into contact with immigration? Join us for the webinar and learn how to conduct enhanced, immigration safety planning with your noncitizen clients and help them plan ahead to protect themselves and their families.

One in the Movement | Coordinating Services: IPV and Healthcare
1.50 Hours SW, LPC, LMFT • Presenter: Jennifer Northway
This webinar offers a forum for providers, advocates, and stakeholders across the State to regroup and offer updates on their efforts since TCFV’s Health Summit last August. Learn about the injury prevention and trauma sectors and how local advocates and programs may engage with this network.

One in the Movement | Enhancing Economic Agency For Survivors
1.00 Hour SW, LPC, LMFT • Presenters: Mona Muro and Vesna Anic
This is an introduction to survivor centered economic agency frame work and curriculum, including the newly released Economic Security for Survivors Atlas from The Center for Survivor Agency and Justice and the Moving Ahead Through Financial Management curriculum from the Allstate Foundation. The webinar will connect economic strategies to resources and advocacy work to enhance survivor financial capacity. It will highlight innovative work at current domestic violence programs, including a demonstration of the Fort Bend County Women’s Center survivor specific economic stability website and offer advocate tips for credit building and microloan initiatives such as The Independence Project.



Please note: TCFV does not provide Continuing Education Units (CEU) for archived webinars. Our catalog of archived webinars is currently being updated. Please check back for more archived webinars.   

BIPP Educational Series

The BIPP Educational Series is a combination of in–person and web–based training opportunities for battering intervention facilitators. For more information, contact Mikisha Hooper.

Economic Advocacy Webinar Series

Economic abuse, lack of resources and opportunities, and the high costs associated with starting over all function as barriers to survivors’ ability to escape violent relationships and maintain safe, stable lives. Effective advocacy centers on the strengths and resilience of survivors and provides tools and options to promote the prosperity among survivors and their children. For more information, contact Mona Muro.

Executive Director Webinar Series

Join us for our monthly executive directors’ webinar series. This complimentary series provides new executive directors (HHSC funded or category I & II members of TCFV) opportunities to enhance expertise, and improve strategic and programmatic management. From the novice to the seasoned executive director the charge of overseeing organizations can be challenging. This webinar series encourages turning the challenges into opportunities! View the recorded webinars. For more information, contact Johanna Moya-Fabregas.

Legal Advocates Webinar Series

One The Legal Advocates series cover topics from preparing clients for trial to best practices for stalking cases.

One in the Movement Series

One in the Movement is a combination of in–person and web–based trainings for family violence advocates. These complimentary trainings provide new and seasoned advocates opportunities to develop and enhance their foundational knowledge on family violence systems currently in place, and is especially well–suited for executives who are new to the movement. View the recorded webinars. For more information, contact Claire Sudolsky.

Prevention Webinar Series

The prevention webinar series is intended to supplement and enhance domestic violence program’s knowledge of cutting edge prevention strategies that are being implemented locally and nationally. For more information, contact Prevention.



Prosecutor’s Summit

TCFV conducts a statewide summit in–person and online legal educational presentations and roundtable training sessions for prosecutors from a variety of Texas communities. Training sessions are customized to the needs of those attending and designed to encourage attendees to disseminate to colleagues statewide. The goal of this project is to establish strong scaffolding that will uphold a multi–layered approach to benefit the prosecution of family violence in Texas. For more information, contact Aaron Setliff.

Judicial Summit

This Summit brings together a diverse group of judges from across the state for training by and discussion with national and state experts to recognize and implement best practices in family violence cases. Judges receive and share resources, tools, and methods to effectively hold offenders accountable while maximizing victim safety. Peer dialogue frames the issues in an approach that allows judges to learn from and support each other in their work, and use their leadership role to send a message of zero tolerance of family violence in their courtroom and communities. For more information, contact Tracy Grinstead–Everly.

Economic Justice Summit

TCFV’s Economic Justice Summit has served as a forum since 2007 for local family violence program advocates and leaders to come together to learn about innovative programming, model programs, and cutting edge economic advocacy strategies with survivors of domestic violence. TCFV’s 4th Economic Justice Summit was held on June 14th and 15th , in El Paso, Texas. This most recent Summit included nationally renowned faculty sharing their expertise with over 115 advocates and leaders participating from Texas family violence programs. The Summit focused on income generation and money saving strategies, with plenaries and workshops on job readiness, social enterprise, micro-enterprise, partnering with financial institutions, employment and consumer rights, creatively working with rural immigrant survivors, and the connections between health and economic stability for survivors of domestic violence. For more information contact Krista Del Gallo.


Custom Training

Custom Training:

Technical Assistance and Training

TCFV offers training and technical assistance to our member programs and community partners. We offer TA on a comprehensive list of topics related to intimate partner violence response and prevention. During regular business hours, 9 am to 5 pm, individuals and programs are welcome to call TCFV for support, research, problem solving, training, and resources. Please contact TCFV at 1-800-525-1978. TCFV also offers customized trainings and consultations to ensure that we meet the individual needs of our members and community partners.

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Help with Training

Help with Training:

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TCFV Members enjoy discounted registration at our trainings and conferences, complimentary CEUs, and discounted/complimentary access to TCFV’s collection of live webinars and online learning modules. Log in to your organizational account to access member discount codes for live and recorded webinars.


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