Does the person you love? 

  • Feel threatened and afraid you may hurt them or the children?
  • Think you will never keep your promise to never hurt them
  • Feel embarrassed because you put them down in public?
  • Is afraid you will hit them, throw them down, push, choke, kick, or slap them?
  • Is afraid you will force them to have sex when they don’t want to?
  • Think you will prevent them from going to school, or going to work?
  • Think you will keep them from seeing friends or family members?

 Do you ever?

  • Obsessively check your partner’s cell phone?
  • Put your partner down frequently?
  • Feel very jealous of your partner?
  • Have an explosive temper?
  • Not allow your partner to see their friends or family?
  • Have wide mood swings?
  • Physically hurt your partner?
  • Tell your partner what to do?
  • Frequently pressure your partner to have sex against their will?

These can be signs of an abuser and no one deserves to live with abuse. The Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) is committed to helping you find information about changing your abusive behavior and helping you find Batterer Intervention and Prevention Programs (BIPPs) in Texas.

Commonly Asked Questions about BIPPs:

Where can I go for help?

Many different kinds of professionals can help you change your behavior. It is important to find a professional that is trained to help you. In Texas, if a court has referred you for a family violence offense, the program must be “accredited.”  Here is a list of accredited programs that you may attend.

What is an accredited BIPP?

An accredited program must:

  • Comply with specific guidelines
  • Have trained employees
  • Conduct criminal background checks on their employees
  • Show that their program meets minimum state guidelines
  • Provide at least 36 hours, 18 weeks of group intervention
  • Cover specific information in group
  • Can charge fees for attending groups
  • Believes that abusive behavior involves choice
  • Believes people who are abusive can choose to change their behavior

Can I volunteer to attend a BIPP?

Yes you can. BIPPs in Texas encourage volunteer participation.  Find an accredited program to make sure you are receiving services that meet minimum standards.

Want more information? Find out what participants are saying about BIPPs.

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