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Travis County Domestic Violence Task Force Holds Screening of HBO Documentary “Private Violence”

Austin, TX-Dec. 7, 2014– Domestic violence has become a main topic across the sports landscape in recent months, particularly in light of the case of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and the NFL’s handling of his suspension and domestic violence cases in general.  And it’s not just sports, domestic violence happens every day in America. 

The Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) released a new report that shows an increase in the number of women killed in domestic violence murders in Texas by their husband, ex-husband, intimate partner, boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.  In 2013, 119 women were killed in domestic violence murders and 114 women were killed in 2012.  102 women were killed in 2011.  Four women were killed in Travis County in 2013.  In 2012, 3 women were killed in Travis County. 

“Domestic violence murders are knowable, identifiable and preventable,” said Gloria A. Terry, CEO of the Texas Council on Family Violence.  “We commend the task force for raising awareness in the community and holding a discussion about domestic violence.” 

The Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force is hoping to evoke a deeper and more meaningful discussion about barriers and realities that affect the ability of women to escape danger within their relationship on Sunday December 7, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. in Austin’s own Stateside Theatre at the Paramount.  The task force is hosting a special screening of a new HBO documentary called Private Violence (www.privateviolence.com).  The Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force is commemorating the task force’s 25th Anniversary and holding a community discussion about domestic violence in Travis County. 

 “Private Violence is a pivotal documentary that illuminates how responses to intimate partner violence have evolved and challenges communities to do more,” said Gretta Gardner, Chair of the Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force.  “The Task Force is committed now more than ever to a coordinated community response to shed light on “private” violence through education and public awareness initiatives.  We have a collective responsibility to hold batterers accountable and keep victims safe to end intimate partner violence.” 

Members of the community including domestic violence advocates, law enforcement, task force members and representatives of the community will gather to watch the film and talk about solutions to reducing the number of domestic violence deaths in Travis County.  Travis County Constable, Carlos B. Lopez serves more than 900 protective orders in Travis County per year, all of the protective orders in Travis County.

“Travis County has always been on the forefront of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault prevention,” said Travis County Constable, Carlos B. Lopez, Pct. 5.  “Protecting families is the number one priority in my office as is with the Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force and yet the abuse continues.  Enforcement of current laws is necessary to addressing this issue but education, awareness and social change is essential to ending these horrible acts of violence.” 

Tickets to the screening are still available but are limited to 300 (the theatre’s capacity) and are free to the public.  Limited tickets are also available for $25 to attend a VIP Reception before the film screening.  Tickets for both the film screening and to attend the VIP Reception before the screening are available through Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/private-violence-a-hbo-documentary-film-tickets-14030249855.  

Special guest Kit Gruelle, a survivor of domestic violence and the film advisor, will be in attendance at the Austin screening.  This event offers the opportunity to publicly ask, “What happens when an abused person in my community asks for help?” 


About the Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force – For the past 25 years, the Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force has worked in collaboration with social service providers, law enforcement, attorneys and advocates to decrease the risk families have when violence enters their home. The Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force created a special court, known as Court Four, which deals entirely with domestic violence cases.  The Youth Issues committee works to prevent bullying in schools and teen dating violence. The Task Force also has a Battering Intervention committee, which enforces standards on programs for perpetrators.

We believe in a holistic approach of treating the whole family, to end the cycle of violence and abuse. Our Public Awareness committee is dedicated to bringing documentaries like Private Violence to let the people know there should be no stigma associated for the victims of domestic or sexual violence. With your generosity, we can remain deeply committed to educating the public and healing families for the next 25 years.


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