5 Reasons to Sign the Purple Postcard


1. You can amplify the voice of domestic violence survivors. 

Sign the Postcard to show you stand alongside survivors. We are powerful when we speak in unison.

2. 15,000 adults seeking shelter from an abusive relationship were turned away last year. 

Nearly 40% of adults seeking shelter are turned away due solely to lack of space. Everyone deserves a place to stay when home is not safe. 

3. Now is the best time to make our voices heard.

The Texas legislature only meets every other year. Now is the best opportunity to make sure that funding for domestic violence services is preserved and increased.

4. You believe in safe and healthy communities.

What would our communities look like if safe and healthy relationships were the expectation for everyone? Working together, we can change community norms and promote values that help us all be safe. 

5. Family violence murders are knowable, predictable and preventable.

158 women were killed by a male intimate partner in 2015 – one death is too many. Domestic violence deaths exhibit predictable patterns. We can redouble our efforts to prevent them.

I support full funding for family violence services!

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