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Custom training events. 

Serving Human Trafficking Survivors – Same, Different, or Somewhere in-Between?

This webinar will discuss current data and trends, identifying trafficking survivors and the unique opportunities and challenges of addressing this population within existing programs. As our society becomes more aware of human trafficking in our communities, the lack of services for this population can result in domestic violence providers being the only point of access for services. Participants will gain an understanding of what trafficking is and how to best respond when a trafficking survivor receives services at their program.  

Creating Safer Spaces: Using Motivational Interviewing to Enhance Advocacy (2.0)

A core aspect of offering survivor-centered services is supporting survivors to make individual choices about their families and goals. Motivational Interviewing, an empathic approach to conversations around change,  promotes this by focusing on self-efficacy and internal motivators while maintaining an environment of understanding focused on goals of the survivor’s choosing. This training session will offer an overview of Motivational Interviewing (MI)  as well as hands-on experience employing this advocacy tool. With recent shifts in federal regulations to require voluntary services, MI can also be a great tool to assist in meeting these new requirements and creating positive discussions about available services!

Ethical Legal Representation of Victims of Family Violence (1.5)

This session will teach attorneys critical skills to represent family violence victims within the scope of the law and best practices. Participants will be instructed on and discuss challenges and strategies to work with clients in the most ethical and successful manner, emphasizing victim safety and community collaboration. This session is recommended for civil attorneys, prosecutors, and legal advocates.

Fundamentals of Coordinated Community Response (Consultation)

This session will teach participants the integral tools needed to enhance community coordination and collaboration. Participants will walk away with knowledge on five different approaches to coordinated community response to family violence and will have the opportunity to practice collaboration and coordination as a unit.

Osnium Tips, Tricks and Training (Consultation)

The TCFV consultant focuses on the capabilities of your Osnium database by providing information and guidance which may include how to enter data, how to query particular information, how to effectively run reports and other tips on how to make the most of your Osnium database.

Philanthropy 101 (Consultation)

This session offers a more in-depth review and on how your organization can raise money to make a difference for your cause.  Participants will develop fundraising plans, learn how to cultivate and sustain donor relations, and strengthen proposal development skills.

Board Recruitment (Consultation)

This session offers strategies to recruit committed individuals to serve on your board who are not only qualified but share the perspectives that align with your organization’s goals and needs. Participants will also receive personalized assistance for building an effective training and orientation plan.