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We welcome your inquiries and look forward to helping you. Please view our staff directory below for individual employees. 

General Contact:

Phone: 512-794-1133
Technical Assistance Line: 1-800-525-1978
Mailing Address: PO Box 163865 • Austin, TX 78716
Fax: 512-685-6397

TCFV Media Contact:

Gloria Terry, CEO
Texas Council on Family Violence
Office: 512-794-1133; Cell: 512-627-5295

Mailing Address: PO Box 163865 • Austin, TX 78716


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Staff Directory

Call TCFV at 512-794-1133. Individual staff may be reached at the numbers below.

 Name Phone Title
Alexandra Cantrell 512-685-6290 Policy Coordinator
Barbra Grimmer 512-685-6333 CPS Policy Coordinator
Claire Sudolsky 512-685-6207 Family Violence Services Coordinator
David Scott 512-628-4587 Policy Coordinator
Deborah Butts 512-794-1133 Manager, Finance and Administrative Technical Support
Elyssa Schroeder 512-685-6228 Policy Coordinator
Emma Marshall 512-685-4588 Accounts Payable Specialist
Esmeralda Flores 512-685-6366 Administrative Support Specialist
Gloria Terry 512-685-6265 Chief Executive Officer
Jing Chen 512-685-6309 Staff Accountant
Johanna Moya-Fabregas 512-628-4590 Training Coordinator
Kate Kerns 512-685-6369 Designer & Admin Specialist
Kate McAlister 512-685-6242 Senior Coordinator to CEO
Krista Del Gallo 512-685-6203 Public Policy Manager
Leigh Ann Montague 512-685-6311 Membership Manager
Linda Phan 512-685-6315 Director of Public Policy
Maria Jose Angelelli 512-685-6225 Support to Service Providers Director
Mikisha Hooper 512-685-6211 Family Violence Services Manager
Molly Voyles 512-685-6321 Public Policy Manager
Mona Muro 512-685-6323 Policy Coordinator
Nathan Clark 512-685-6273 Finance Director
Rita Flores 512-685-6304 Training & Technical Assistance Manager
Roy Rios 512-685-6306 Prevention Manager
Sarah Hilderbrand 512-685-6375 Family Violence Services Coordinator
Sarah Weaver 512-685-6219 Prevention Coordinator
Shellie Ryan 512-685-6353 CPS Policy Manager
Suzanne Holsomback 512-685-6334 Family Violence Services Coordinator
Shannon Murdoch 512-685-6317 Prevention Director
Tracy Grinstead-Everly 512-685-6381 Public Policy Manager
Victoria Reaves 512-628-4591 Family Violence Services Coordinator
William West 512-685-6305 Prevention Coordinator

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To request TCFV publications, materials or brochures, please visit our Resource Center request form. For answers to general questions about domestic violence laws, resources, and assistance, please call our TA line at 1-800-525-1978.

If the above contacts aren’t what you’re looking for, please fill out the short form below, and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person as soon as possible.

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Get Help

Get Help

If something about your relationship scares you, or you are concerned for a peer, friend or family member, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) or the TTY line for the deaf 1.800.787.3224. If you are in immediate danger, call 911. If internet communication is the safest option for you, please visit NDVH’s website.

You can also view TCFV’s Resources for Survivors for help with finding services, safety planning, legal options and more.