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Honoring Texas Victims Report

In 2016, 146 women were killed by a male intimate partner in Texas. As inexplicable as these tragedies are, the Honoring Texas Victims report identifies promising practices for understanding and preventing future fatalities. The report recommends new ways to elevate survivor safety through community collaboration to address the threat of firearms, recognition of crucial periods for intervention, and identification of technology facilitated abuse. We highlight solution focused responses, including a critical change in the law to allow for victim-advocate privilege, prevention collaborations between athletic communities and family violence programs, improved evidence collection tools, new understanding of traumatic brain injuries, and effective media reporting within communities.

Key facts:

  • A man killed his female intimate partner every 2.5 days in Texas.
  • These intimate partner murders make up one in every 10 homicides in Texas.
  • Fatalities occurred in 55 counties across the state.
  • 68% of perpetrators used a firearm.
  • 77% of perpetrators killed their partners in a home.
  • Victims’ ages ranged from 15 to 92; 82 women were between the ages of 20-39.

The report helps us come to both know a little about these beautiful women who tragically lost their lives and  inform our collective work across the state.We know that family violence deaths are identifiable, knowable and preventable, and we continue to hold tight to the belief that we can eliminate family violence in our communities.

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