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Getting Started

Our training, event registration, and CEU certificates are all housed in Coalition Manager (CM). Once you have an account, you will receive an email with more information about getting you started in CM. Your CM account will allow you access to TCFV’s huge library of online resources.

Your Coalition Manager Account

In Coalition Manager, there are 2 types of accounts: Individual Accounts and Organization Accounts. Depending on the individual, a user may have both types of accounts. However, because CM only allows one email address per account, a user may have an Organization account under their work email address and an Individual account under their personal email.

Individual CM Account

User applies for CM account
Login is user’s Personal email address
Free for Survivors, $35 for all others

Organization CM Account

Your agency’s CM Admin creates your account
Login is your Work email address
Free for all Program Staff

New Program Staff

If you are new to your agency, ask your agency’s Coalition Manager Admin to add you to your agency’s staff list. If you are not sure who that is, you may submit a Support Ticket to TCFV for assistance.

Member Portal
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Video Tutorials

How to Pay Dues by Credit Card
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How to Pay Dues by Check
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How to Download Your Invoices
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How to View Your Payment History
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Frequently Asked Questions

I work for a DV/SA agency. How do I create an account?

Accounts cannot be created by the user.  They must be created by TCFV or your programs CM administrator.

If you work for a Texas based DV/SA program, please check internally at your program first to see if there is a CM administrator who can create your account. If not, then please submit a support ticket.

I am an Individual TCFV Member. How do I connect to my CM account?

If you have recently joined as an Individual TCFV Member and are needing a CM account connected to your new membership, please email our Membership Manager.

Do I have to be a TCFV Member to access the resources on Coalition Manager?

Membership is highly recommended, though some TCFV resources are free to the public.  Email the Membership Manager for more information.

TCFV Members also enjoy access to additional resources not available to non-members, such as many trainings that award CEUs.

Learn more about becoming a member.

I’m stuck. Can I speak to a human about my issue?

Sure!  Please submit a CM Support ticket, and a TCFV staff member will respond within 3-5 business days.

I am a Staff Admin for Coalition Manager at my agency. How do I find information about trainings staff have completed?

Program System Admins have the ability to keep track of staff trainings, register them for trainings, and run reports on completed trainings.  To find information about trainings your staff have attended/completed go to:

Training Module > Training Event Attendee Tile > Training Attendee List, ‘Active’ Tab > Select ‘Registrations’ on the staff person you’re looking for

This registration list will include all in-progress and completed trainings that staff person has engaged with.

You can also run an Attendance/Registration Summary for multiple staff:

Training > Registrations/Attendance > Select date range (for example, a month to see everything conducted in that month > Select ‘Any Attendees’ for all staff, or select specific ones (multiple selections accepted)

How do I find my training certificates or CEUs from completed trainings?

You can find your completed training information, including certificates in two places in the Training Module.

Training > My Registrations > Select ‘Completed’ – this will list your completed trainings, both in-person and online, and allow you to access your certificates

Training > ELearning > Select ‘Completed’ – this will list your completed online trainings and allow you to access your certificates

What’s the difference between Individual and Organization Members?
  • Organizational members can add multiple staff members to their account and include special benefits such as a listing in our annual statewide service directory.
  • Individual membership only includes access for one individual–the account holder.
  • Organizational membership applications must be reviewed by the TCFV membership committee which meets quarterly.
  • Individual membership applications are reviewed by the TCFV Membership Manager weekly.

CM Support Ticket

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