Executive Leader Training

Leading an agency in the Family Violence movement is an honor and huge responsibility as well as dynamic and exciting. Whether you are an Executive Director or CEO, an Board of Director Member, a senior leader or part of a C-Suite, we offer a number of training options for you on your leadership journey.

If you are looking for something a little more customized, please contact us at info@tcfv.org and request a needs assessment for an in-person training or consultation.

Directing the Work Conference

Directing the Work Conference is an annual conference hosted by TCFV and TAASA, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, and features dynamic presenters and showcases state and national trends for executive directors, CEOs, leadership staff, and board members.

The annual conference provides an opportunity to gain deeper knowledge of effective ways to lead organizations supporting survivors of family and sexual violence. We offer CEUs for this conference. 

Save the Date

Our next conference will be February 2021!

Online Training

Are you searching for easily accessible, high quality training? You are in the right place! Please find below TCFV’s current on demand webinars for executive leaders. 


The Trump Effect: Changes to Employment Law

This online training from Ted Smith provides updates on the rapidly evolving changes in state and federal employment laws in the Trump era, including: overtime rules, EEO requirements, local sick leave ordinances, discrimination/harassment laws, independent contractors, and class action waivers.

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Basic Grant Compliance

Learn the basics grant compliance for non-profit executive directors.  Topics include time and effort keeping, financial management fundamentals, procurement, reporting on cost and performance, documentation and record keeping.  The session will also include key areas of audit compliance. 

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The Building Blocks for Board Growth: Roles and Responsibilities for Board Members

“What is a Board of Directors supposed to do anyway?”  That’s a questions Executive Directors and Board members often ask themselves, but usually where no one else can hear!  This webinar explores the roles and responsibilities of Board members as well as the Executive Director’s relationship to the Board both individually and collectively.  Learn the Board’s primary responsibilities and tasks, how they can become your best public relations strategy, and how to transform them into fundraisers.  The webinar also includes specific HHSC requirements that are critically important to your agency. 

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6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Board’s Performance

“The nonprofit Board model is broken.” You’ve likely heard this sentiment uttered by nonprofit leaders, philanthropists and Board members alike. While unquestionably provocative, there appears to be some truth to it. BoardSource’s leading national survey on nonprofit governance finds that Boards earn on average a B- in overall Board performance. Most boards are mediocre, at best. Many others are failing the organization and its mission completely. It shouldn’t be that way. There are several high-impact strategies that nonprofit executives and Board leaders can immediately deploy to boost the performance – and thus, overall impact – of their nonprofit’s Board. During this session, Robert Acton – the former Executive Director of Taproot Foundation in NYC and current Principal & Founder of Cause Strategy Partners, LLC — will present six interventions to optimize Board performance. These interventions fall into three key categories: a) applying a best-in-class board development process, b) making better use of Board meetings, and c) building a culture of strong Board engagement. Change often takes months of planning, socialization, buy-in and execution. This session is designed for nonprofit executives and Board leaders who need their Boards to improve faster. Utilizing an interactive learning style, this session
will arm participants with innovative ideas and specific action steps that will accelerate your Board’s performance today.

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Board of Director Toolkit coming Summer 2020!

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