Leading by Numbers: Finance Professionals

Leading by Numbers is a multi-tiered approach designed to support finance professionals working at family violence service organizations. Our goal is to ensure family violence service agencies across Texas receive personalized technical assistance.

Consultations and Training

We provide customized finance consultations and training to category I and II TCFV members as well as family violence centers funded by CJD and/or HHSC. Learn more about TCV membership here

Consultation Topics

Agency Finance Management Review: Provides an on-site consultant for up to two days that works with staff to ensure the agency’s financial policies and procedures are current and in accordance with 2 CFR 200.

Agency Finance Leadership Transition: Provides an on-site consultant for up to three days to work with staff and board to assess the agency and make recommendations for financial leadership transition.

Cost allocation: Provides virtual or on-site consultant that works with staff to develop tools for implementing a comprehensive Cost Allocation Plan.

Monitoring/Audit Compliance: Provides a virtual or on-site consultant to work with staff to review findings and assist with developing a compliance plan and response to funders.

Annual Finance Conference

We offer finance professionals, just like you, a combination of in-person and statewide training opportunities covering critical topics presented by state and national experts.


September 29 & 30, 2020
Georgetown, Texas

The third annual TCFV Finance Conference features dynamic presenters and showcases state and national trends for the financial staff of family violence service organizations. We’re planning great things for this conference!

Online Training

If you are looking for in-depth, training as a finance professional at a Domestic Violence support service, you are in the right place! Please find our on-demand, online-training for finance professional below. 


Time and Effort Keeping

Join Rex Porter in learning about the two key time and effort keeping standards:  the federal rules as well as your own non-profit best practice recipient internal controls.  Rex focuses on key timekeeping areas of risks and how to navigate them through planning, implementing and monitoring.

Record Date: 2 July 2019

Length: 1.00 hour

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Indirect Cost Planning, Allocation, and Rates

Join Rex Porter in learning the fundamentals of indirect cost treatment by a non-profit receiving state and federal funds.  Rex highlights key rules under the federal Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200), including use of your internal finance policy, different bases of indirect cost, different methods and more key areas.

Record Date: 18 July 2019

Length: 1.00 hour

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Cost Sharing and Match

Join Rex Porter in demystifying cost share and match and focuses on how to calculate fair market value, the expected involvement of state and federal funders; as well as proper cost sharing/matching estimating, documenting and reporting.

Record Date: 18 July 2019

Length: 1.00 hour

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