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Welcome to TCFV’s One in the Movement advocate resource center. This space holds a vast library of self-paced training programs, publications and links to resources for advocacy. Whether you’re a new or seasoned advocate, everything you might need is here!

If you are looking to dive deeper into any of the material via customized training, we can do that! Contact for more information.

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Introduction to Advocacy

Below are several resources to get you started on your advocate journey. Our Essential Guide is a physical guide you can print, read, and refer to throughout your on-boarding. The other resources are webinars which offer training on the HHSC Rule Requirements in section 379.404 for New Employee Orientation and Training for Family Violence Survivor support agencies.

Essential Guide

The webinars below:

  • Provide foundational information focused on developing knowledge of family violence systems.
  • Will extend your knowledge of advocacy best practices.
  • Meet HHSC training requirements for new advocates.
  • Are not required in training new employees of family violence programs.
  • Are offered free of charge.

Programs are responsible for monitoring competition and credits. TCFV provides these webinars as an educational resource and offers Continuing Education Units (CEU) for only the webinars on the Webinato platform or Coalition Manager. We are working diligently to have all webinars available for CEUs.


Advocacy with Peer Counseling Techniques
Civil Rights Laws and Regulations
Crisis Intervention with Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
Dynamics of Family Violence
HHSC Required Policies and Procedures for FV Organizations
Hotline Skills
Legal Advocacy for Survivors (Legal Options for Survivors of FV)
Risk Assessment and Safety Planning for Victims of FV
Texas Civil Laws Affecting Victims of Violence
Texas Criminal Laws Affecting Victims of Violence
Cultural Humility: Margin to Center Approach

Join Jose Juan Lara and Samira Ghosh in looking at the macro/micro level implications of cultural humility.

This is in fulfillment of the HHSC Rule Requirements in section 379.404 for New Employees.

Record Date: 3 December 2019
Length: 1.5 hours
Level: Beginner

Watch the Webinar

Helpful Resources:

National Center for Cultural Competence

Asian Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence

Dockery, A. M. (2020). Inter-generational transmission of Indigenous culture and children’s wellbeing: Evidence from Australia. Science Direct, 74, 80-93. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijintrel.2019.11.001


Enhancing Your Advocacy

Advocate Career Satisfaction: Research on Occupational Stress, Peer Support, and Supervision
Advocating for Survivors of Faith
African American Teens and Dating Violence

Presenter: Debra Mitchell-Ibe

Record Date: 2013

Length: 1.50 hr


Level: Beginner

Watch the Webinar

Enhancing Economic Agency For Survivors
Enhancing Safety Planning with Immigrant Survivors
Honoring Texas Victims: Identifying Trends to Inform DV Reponses
Women Veterans and Ten Years of War
What Do Funds Have to do with It? An Advocate's Guide to Grants
Know More, Do More: Recognizing and Responding to Stalking
Language, Culture and Gender-Based Violence: Ensuring Meaningful Access to Limited English Proficient Speakers and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Individuals
Navigating the Intersections: Cultural Humility and Trauma-informed Approaches
Proceed! LGBTQ Legal Issues for Domestic Violence Advocates
Ready, Set, Taxes! Maximizing Tax Credits and Understanding the Tax and Health Coverage Intersection
ReCentering Services: Understanding Rules Reduction in Shelters and Services
Serving Human Trafficking Survivors in a Domestic Violence Setting
Understanding Reproductive Coercion
What Every Advocate Needs to Know about BIPP
Trauma-Informed Services with Survivors of Family Violence
Unresolved: Exploring the Impact of Trauma on Adolescent Brains
Safety Planning with Persons with Disabilities

Presenter: Cema Mastroleo

Record Date: 2013

Length: 1.00 hour


Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Watch the Webinar

Unauthorized Practice of Law-Regulations, Laws, and Policies
When Women Use Violence in Intimate Relationships

Presenter: Melissa Scaia

Record Date: 2013

Length: 1.00 hour


Level: Intermediate

Watch the Webinar

Women in Community and Context: Social Justice, Economic Security, and Personal Safety (Safety and Services)
Opening Our Doors to Men and Boys
We're in this Together: Folding Prevention into our Advocacy

Resource for Advocacy

Coming Soon…

Train the Trainer

To enhance our advocate education series, we created an online Train the Trainer course for those who train advocates, volunteer advocates and/or community members. This six-module course presents the essential information needed in advocate training and offers coaching tips on how best to train with this material.

Train the Trainer is prerecorded so you can view the modules on your schedule at your own pace. They contain interactive elements and activities so you can pause the recording to practice.

The six modules plus the supplemental module are CEU-certified. You will need to watch each module and complete its survey to receive your CEU certificate for that module.


Train the Trainer

Module One

Upskilling the Trainer

Module Two

Dynamics of Domestic Violence

Module Three

Power and Privilege

Module Four

Empowerment Based Advocacy

Module Five

Crisis Intervention

Module Six

Safety Planning

Supplemental Module


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