Public Policy

Legislative Agenda

TCFV seeks to make systemic and legislative changes to programs and services that impact Texas domestic violence survivors and their families. TCFV advocates before Congress, the Texas Legislature and relevant federal and state agencies to create access to safety, justice and opportunities for all. Before each state legislative session, TCFV works with allied partners, family violence advocates and survivors themselves to craft an agenda in support of survivors of domestic violence.

Public Policy Committee

TCFV organizes a public policy committee comprised of a diverse group of people who work to improve family violence response in our state. The committee includes victims, family violence advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, educators, the judiciary and others. Using their feedback and guidance, TCFV vets a long list of legislative ideas, with the intent to focus during session on the most impactful and feasibly accomplished measures. The TCFV legislative agenda represents the culmination of this consensus-driven preparation.

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We strive to inspire and mobilize more communities and partners to engage in these legislative issues.  If you are interested in supporting our efforts, watch this space and please contact us!

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