Public Policy

Legislative Agenda

TCFV is a unified voice speaking to the Texas Legislature to support and create laws that will assist victims and survivors of domestic violence. Each Legislative session, TCFV has a Legislative Agenda to highlight the laws that will affect the efforts of the domestic violence movement in Texas. One of our main goals is to receive  more involvement from  the community with legislative issues that can help end the disastrous effect of abuse. If you are interested in volunteering, or sharing your testimony on upcoming legislative issues with the state legislature or at the federal level, please contact us!

Public Policy Committee

TCFV convenes a Public Policy Committee comprised of a diverse group of those involved in addressing family violence response in our state, including victims, family violence advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, educators, the judiciary, and others. Using their feedback and guidance, TCFV then worked to vet a long list of ideas, with the intent to focus during session on the  measures that will be most impactful and that can be accomplished. The TCFV Legislative agenda represents the culmination of this consensus-driven preparation.

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