In 2017, 136 women were killed by a male intimate partner

71,500 Texans received services from family violence centers

47% of shelter requests went unmet due to lack of space

Current funding for family violence centers is not adequate to address the growing needs of survivors and account for our state’s population growth. Shelters and programs supporting survivors are maximizing scarce resources to save lives, but they’re still unable to meet a significant number of victims’ needs. To make Texas communities safer, they need more support.

The Purple Postcard Campaign is a simple message directed to your elected official; when you fill one out you are asking them to make funding for family violence services a top priority. Join us in showing our state leaders the importance of fully funding life-saving services by electronically signing the postcard below today! If you are hosting an event and want paper copies, email the Policy team at and they can assist.

Our goal for 2020 is to deliver 10,000 postcards to representatives in the State Capitol during the 87th Texas Legislative Session in March.

Share this link far and wide to agency supporters, partners, friends and family. Postcards work! Together, we can move our leaders to make a strong stand for full-funding of vital support services!

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